Reminded me of London Press Days! There was no bubbly of course but there was enough cold coffee and fantastic red velvet cupcakes in the perfect size – you could have more than one without feeling like it’s sugary-doomsday. arranged a #KoovsBlogHang with their agency TCCGGD and I got to hang out with them, check out some exclusive previews of upcoming collections of clothes and accessories and chitchat with the team. I also got a tour of the fantastic office space at TCCGGD! Loved it!

Top right, fashion & lifestyle blogger Akanksha Redhu.

I had always thought of the “Koovs” brand name as being associated with stuff I’d never wear / want in my closet and I’m surprisingly pleased to report that not only do they have exclusive designed-in-London ( no really ) stuff, their wares are made in India and quite splendid as far as I could tell. The materials used, the cut, the stitching ( in the apparel ) and the price point – make their wares affordable and stylish. Suitable for a young, style-conscious, international-aspirations, generation in India. I’m not too taken with their accessories though – but so much of fashion is personal that it’s impossible to like everything. The shoes looked well-made too but I’m always extremely wary with my footwear purchases and will much rather buy something super expensive that won’t kill my feet than buy something stylish, cheap and murderous.

Do check out their latest edition of the website. Looks like an effort well done – very glamorous, international feel to it. I haven’t scrutinized the backend or made a purchase from their website yet but it does inspire confidence.

Thank you for having me over Koovs!

Now onto the tour of the TCCGGD office! TCC = The Communication Council. GGD = Green Goose Design.

Impressive collection of artwork – and on the walls for everyone to see!

Cheers to many more such and even better press days!


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