Designer Jenjum Gadi’s work always delights. For the Fall / Winter 2014, he drew on his Turkey travels and came up with “Turkish Delight” with a touch of North East India. Jenjum is from Arunachal Pradesh and it’s lovely to see the inclusion of influences. Colorful embroideries. Wearable fashion – I mean I’d wear everything 😀

Those shoes are delightful! I want all the colors!

This part of the runway show was of course the highlight for a lot of people in the audience. Jenjum was making a statement in support of North East Indians who have to face racism in the rest of India. ( Yes. That’s a thing and I’m not even sure why this happens. IMO North Eastern peeps are a whole lot cooler and nicer than other North Indians! ) Jenjum was also making a statement in support of Gay Rights – against Section 377. I have a lot of gay friends and India’s reticence to accept them is unfathomable to me – especially when there’s a lot of gay sex in our so-called scriptures 😉 )

Good stuff Jenjum! LOVED it.

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