Yes, photography makes me feel alive. And I’m lucky I have a hot model whenever I need someone to pose. Self-portraits can only do so much. Also, it’s a whole lot easier to photograph someone else. Especially when that someone has impeccable taste and we don’t need a stylist. We do this sometimes when we get together at the folks’ place. I enjoy the opportunity.

“But what you get out of all this photography?! Then so much time in selecting and editing. And in the Summer heat of North India?! You’re crazy!”

I’ve heard the above so many times. It is hard for me to explain. I don’t question it. If I am enjoying myself this much with “anything”, I’m going to keep at it. I do not want to even consider the possibility that one day I might tire of photography.

Hot model : @akanksharedhu

Location : Gurgaon

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