I chanced upon the La Roche Posay brand quite by accident. I was reviewing Lancome and researching online reviews and landed on the Paula’s Choice website, which had excellent reviews of a large number of brands. I had also been searching for anti-acne products that actually did something and decided to look at Paula’s Choice’s Beautypedia review for anti-acne products.

I knew most of the brands and products would not be available in India and I started searching each product one by one on Indian beauty product websites. Luckily, I found the Effaclar Duo on It costs almost INR 1,200 but this tube has lasted almost three months. And it is super effective in tackling acne. If a zit pops up, just put a dot of this on it and it’s gone 80% the next day. Second day put another dot on it and it is ALL gone. It doesn’t let acne develop to a point that it bursts out from my skin. That is exactly how it works for me.

I don’t apply this on my face each and every day though, especially because I also use Tea Tree Oil. My intensive, once-a-week skin routine is : wash face + TTO + Effaclar Duo + Sunscreen + make-up. It does get heavy in the Indian summers because Effaclar Duo is also slightly moisturising. You’ll have to try what works for you.

Isotretinoin is out of my life for good because of TTO and La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo. Zinnnnnnnnnnnnng!


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Disclaimer : none of this is supposed to serve as medical advice. Please test these things on your own skin and take some advice from your dermatologist.


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