This is one of their all time best-sellers and it has become one of my favorites as well.

Bookkeeper’s Butter : Intense hand & cuticle salve, with pink grapefruit & litsea essential oil. And it’s named aptly. It truly is a salve. I prefer to soak my hands with this after a shower. Especially useful if you paint your nails often. Skin and cuticles can get dry with the use of acetone-based nail paint removers and this is beautiful. Heavy and intense, prepare to sit for 5-10 minutes after you’ve applied this. And try not to handle your mobile phone – or books – with this on your hands.

The texture if this salve is buttery and it sits in the jar in solid form. I tend to scrape it out with the front side of my nails one nail at a time. I love citrusy things. And citrusy buttery things love me right back.

Vegan. Coconut free. Paraben free.

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