I’ve always had terrible acne and I had been taking a lot of Isotretinoin and I didn’t want to be taking drugs any more to get rid of acne in my 30s.

A bit of research online shows people swearing by Tea Tree Oil but I couldn’t find any options in India except The Bodyshop opened up their online store and they have this 10ml bottle of Tea Tree Oil blend. ( I also tried a couple of other brands that sell 100% TTO but it smells terrible and I was unsuccessful in blending it with other materials at home – it turned out to be too much effort for a cheaper product. )

This is not pure Tea Tree Oil, rather a blend and I prefer it like this. Don’t use 100% TTO directly on your skin as you might get burns. It severely dries your skin. A blend on the other hand, like this one by Bodyshop gives you the option of applying it directly. I apply it at least once daily. Slightly moisturises because of the oil and keeps the bacteria at bay. I apply it first thing when I’m out of the shower and if I’m going out, I’ll put sunscreen and then I’ll apply makeup.

I have combination skin so this oil should work for pretty much everyone although if you have dry skin I’ll suggest you mix in some moisturizer.

For regular use, this product is expensive. Almost INR 700 for this 10ml bottle and no other quantities as options. I use up about 2-3 vials each month but combined with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I’m completely off Isotretinoin and a total of three tiny dot acne points over the last three months.

Some people say TTO also helps wipe out blemishes but I’m not sure I’ve seen effects in three months. Maybe it takes more time.

Disclaimer : none of this is doctor’s advice. Please check / test everything before making it a part of your skincare ritual.

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