Ferns ‘n Petals has been organizing the Wedding Fraternity Meet for the last two years and while I wasn’t even aware of this ( I’m not photographing weddings anymore ), WeddingSutra‘s Parthip called me up and suggested I drop by and I did. It is a nice event for various wedding-related business owners and entrepreneurs to attend and maybe even network. I’m not aware of the format of the event the last two years but this time they had a coffee-table book launch and a few guests on stage. ( Apart from the fact that they spent almost twenty minutes reading a chapter directly and word-to-word from said coffee-table book – ooops! – the rest of the event was not half bad. )

The lovely Manoj and Raksha of Mansa Weddings, organized the travel for me.

Considering how vibrant the wedding industry is in India, aren’t there more such events for the wedding fraternity? Maybe not controlled by just one brand?

The layout of the venue had some stunning flower decorations and other setups ( including from brands like Swarovski and The Leela Group of Hotels – I’ve been told on more than a few occasions that at least The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri does not encourage wedding parties at their property. Unless that has changed, they would’ve benefited from classifying their presence as The Leela Kempinski. )

I did not know anyone at the event till wedding photographer Ramit Batra tapped me on my shoulder and subsequently Sudeep of Cheri, The Qutub, arrived at the venue. Also ran into the upcoming photographer Pushpendra and got a selfie with him! Might be a good idea for you to go next time if you’re entrenched in the wedding industry and want to hob-nob and keep up with the gossip.

I could only manage a brief glimpse at the coffee-table book that had been unveiled. While the variety and number of printing techniques and paper-types showcased in the book were mind-boggling, the aesthetic was mass-market at best. Would have been such a brilliant opportunity to create something world-class! ( Hood knows we need it! ) It was available to purchase for INR 12,000. I was so distracted by the paper-types that I did not focus on the content, which is unfortunate. Maybe I will get a chance to see the book in its entirety.

Looking forward to seeing what the Wedding Fraternity Meetup 2015 is going to be like!