Here’s a little #ProTip that can go a long way in converting enquiries from prospects into actual assignments for you if you are a freelancer / independent professional like me.

Every pain point in your career is an opportunity to make something work, to learn or to improve – and sometimes even to help someone. While it is easy to complain about prospects asking for a lower price, this also makes it easier to overlook what pain points the prospect might be facing, which gets them to respond to you in a certain way. The moment the discussion of a “long term association” comes up, you have an opportunity to actually convert it into a long-term association. Meeting a prospect in-person ( if it fits with your own brand goals ) is a good way to explain to them what it is you do and how that adds value to your existing clients.

To clarify, I am not saying you have to lower your rates or give a discount – if the scope of the project can be reduced, the pricing can also be reduced, but if the scope, deliverables and expectations are the same, lowering your prices sends an incorrect signal to the prospect and shows you in an unprofessional light. ( Of course, knowing what to charge, in itself is a mini-research project that you owe your work and its worth. )

I’ve been thinking of doing short videos like the above for quite some time now. Please let me know what you think and also let me know if there’s a specific, well-defined pain-point that you’d like me to address or share from my experience. Whether you’re a prospect looking to work with photographers or bloggers or you’re a photographer / blogger / freelancer or even if you’re a Marketing professional looking to associate with independent professionals like me, there are always ways to make things work.

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