The winners of the #NainaForPayTM #Christmas contest are: @clause_teacher @nishchaymehta17 & @bibindominictom Merry Christmas! @Paytm 

It was quite difficult picking the winners. Special mentions to @NehamsChamaria @PRAVEENPRAVEY & @balumate

If you keep tabs on me on Pinterest / Twitter / Facebook or Google Plus, you might have noticed that I have been working with PayTM over the last few weeks. I pick my favourite products from their vast marketplace, use and photograph those products and then add photographs to the Naina For PayTM Pinterest board being hosted on the official PayTM Pinterest account. I have not talked about the details so far but the response has been lovely and Antje at PayTM and I decided it would be nice to share the love. So… there’s a contest! Simply share the images below on your social networks to get yourself PayTM Cash as a Christmas gift 😉

I’ll give a brief about each product and at the end of this post, I will declare the T&Cs of the contest.

The gorgeous tan leather tote bag by Phive River. Nice and large and perfect for balancing a muted ensemble. The quality of the leather, stitching is also great – no unnecessary joins or cuts sewn together – good quality leather sewn together with deft, clean lines. The bag is large enough to be your day-bag as most totes are. Zip closure up top so that the contents are safer. The bag comes packed really well too. No chance of damage in transit.

A shot of Espresso in your hip flask? The coffee-addicts say, “Why not?!” Don’t forget to store/pour only when room temperature. Pouring hot liquids not advised in my opinion. The PayTM marketplace has hundreds of hip flasks to choose from. Beautiful stainless steel and leatherette. I wish it was real leather but I’m not sure I’m comfortable letting any of my leather goods being this close to liquids!

This products has already been talked about so much since I shared it on the Pinterest board. A lens coffee mug. ( The cap does not screw on, I would recommend this mug for when you’re not expecting to travel. ) I already have one in white from a previous purchase but just like there’s no such as “too many lenses” for a photographer, there’s no such thing as “too many lens mugs” either 😛

The lovely green is from my mother’s tiny but beautiful first floor apartment garden. Especially fun hanging out there during the winters, with the mug, sipping on hot coffee, feet ensconced in warm faux-fur slippers.

Probably the most glittery item I’ve selected from the PayTM marketplace so far! You saw the tan leather tote bag above? Same brand, Phive River. Cute hard case sequinned clutch for a quick evening out. Can hold a large smart phone, loose cash, car keys and a lipstick and powder case.

Again, photographed on the swing in the inner section of my Mum’s balcony. Beautiful digitally-printed cushions. Could easily pass as hand-painted though. Lovely, colorful, happy-enducing cushion covers. I didn’t wash the covers but the label says these are machine-washable. The closing at the back overlaps way more than what I’m usually used to seeing. I dislike it when the filler pops out and no such issue with these cushion covers. The material is a sturdy type of satin. ( Not at all flimsy or prone to stretching. )

The standing-up worktable. I was very excited to find this in the PayTM marketplace because I have been looking for one. It is priced at INR 1700 and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have been trying to incorporate more standing into my workday and have been hacking it so far – mostly with the CPU’s cardboard box, which is not ideal! All the products I had seen online previously and thought about purchasing were in the INR 1 Lakh and upwards price range, all made abroad. This product above and below is not very sturdy and the directions to put the table together are slightly cryptic ( written text is not in English and the visuals are not self-explanatory ). I had to put it together, take it apart and put it together again. Also, I would not leave my laptop on the table when I am not working on it. But if you have been looking to test the standing-up and working routine, getting this product is a no-brainer. I highly recommend it even though I had a sore thumb when I was putting it together.

Both segments on top can be tilted at angles depending on what angle you’re comfortable with for your keyboard. The size of the table is small enough to fit in a small corner of your office / home-office. Just as an FYI, the photograph below does NOT have the table put together directly. Only after I’d photographed it did I realize that it looked different from the photograph on the product box. The wider wooden section atop the table on the right is actually supposed to be on the LEFT. This will help with the centre of gravity and ensure that it doesn’t topple to one side. Ooops!

These are just one part of the products I have discovered in the vast variety in the PayTM marketplace and there are more to come. I love this project with PayTM. One of the first companies in India to be working with the Pinterest platform. I wrote a short piece about Pinterest here previously as well. It is growing in leaps and bounds internationally.



There will be three winners who will each get Rs. 3,000 PayTM cash. ( If you combine that with the various cashback incentives available on the PayTM Marketplace, you can get some serious traction with that money 😉 )

Winners will be chosen based on the number AND quality of shares of this story on their social networks. Pin on Pinterest, Tweet on Twitter, Post on Instagram, Share on Facebook and / or Google Plus. Share on all or any one or any combination. Here’s what you have to do to participate :

01. Include the hashtag #NainaForPayTM on all of your shares
02. Include a link to this blog story :
03. Include / attach a photo from any of the above – depending on which is your favourite product or photo.
04. Leave a comment below with a link to your share(s)

( Remember, DO NOT start a tweet with @Naina or @PayTM, because only Naina or PayTM accounts will see the tweet! We want your shares to help us reach a wider audience! You can include our handles at the end of your tweet / share. )

TIP : To make it easier, use the hover Pin It round button that appears on the top left of each image on this blog, pin it to your Pinterest board, Twitter or your Facebook wall via Pinterest pop-up window here to do all the three. (Less work but higher points 😉 ) While leaving a comment here, you will have three links to share while actually having put in the work for sharing only one!

The more links you have to share, the higher your chances of winning! If you are not on Pinterest ( Say WHAAAT?! ), you can share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

A sample share can be: “Nice camera lens coffee mug here! #NainaForPayTM <add photo>”

If you are on Pinterest, you can also just go to the Naina For PayTM Pinterest board and re-pin from there!

Contest is open for a week, till 24th of December 12 noon India Standard Time. You can be anywhere within India to participate. Winners will be announced on 24th of December in the evening on Twitter and I will add an update to this blog post as well.

Share away!

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