Kicking off the new year with another edition of #CoverUp! This is the first time I’m doing this with night wear and what better way to start. Sleep and dreams are a girl’s best friend (among a truckload of other things of course). Sleep well, rest well and it is supposed to wipe years off your face and I can testify. And it isn’t just superficial. A relaxed body is re-energized and helps you go that extra mile. I haven’t yet mastered the art of napping at the drop of a hat but I shall get there (Can that be a resolution? For a new year. Hmmm.)

My friend Samyukta Nair has finally let the cat out of the bag and announced the launch of her night wear label Dandelion! The label was put up on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop just at the beginning of this week and most of it is already sold out. And I am not surprised. The one Samyukta sent me is called the Henley PJ Set and it is oh so comfortable. The cotton fabric is adorably soft, the print on the cloth is also “soft”. Fresh. The brand name is literally what Samyukta was aiming for. Dandelions are airy and soft and her label’s clothes are as well and that should help you sleep well and hence dream better! How cool is that!

Each PJ set comes in its own cloth bag made from the same print & color fabric, so if you own more than one pair, you can identify which one you’re pulling out from the closet or suitcase. Lovely detail that.

Goodnight! Sweet dreams!



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