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This Sunday, TEDxGurugram organized a marathon for the residents of Gurugram. Late-sleeper-me had not realized how dark out it is even at 0530 hours and I was even more astonished to see hundreds of people ( there were approximately 500 people who turned up for the run! ) all up, bright and ON IT for the marathon! People were in it for the 4k, the 8k and the 12k and while some were quite focused with their times and who got in first, most of the participants were in it for the spirit of change that TEDxGurugram stands for. By all means, this was a stupendously successful marathon – the participants’ contributions will go a long way in supporting the FeedOn charity – it was beautiful to see such a large part of the community get together for a good cause.

Here are some photographs from the day – chronologically – to give you an idea of what it looked like! ( Once the participants were off from the start line, I barely had 5 minutes to sit before the first runners came up to close their 4k and continue for their 8k and then 12k! Gurgaon seems to have quite the community! So glad I moved here. Thank you for having me on for this Antje! )

Special thanks to Nowhere Brewpub, Coach Ravinder of the RWM Foundation, Paras Hospitals, Viva Fit and Gurgaon Moms.

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