In the 33rd episode, I wanted to specifically address my hair cut / style. I get asked a lot of questions, even in 2017, and wanted to present my thoughts. It’s just hair – and say that a few times in the video. There’s a few seconds of black-out in the video, sorry about that. The Google Pixel XL only records video files upto 4GB in size and abruptly cut me off when I was going on and on.

Thankfully, I don’t just talk about my hair. I also talk about podcasting and a tentative photography workshop that I’ve been considering for a while now.

The next couple of podcasts will be about this interview I did with an online publication. They asked me some thought provoking questions, which is rare. I’ve answered the interview by typing my answers but wanted to share a larger perspective about my work.

The 33rd episode is also where I stood and recorded for the first time. I’m usually recording while seated in my work chair. Because it’s so cold these days and I get lazy with my “umms”, I decided to try out a standing recording. This also meant that I had to place the camera considerably higher – but my double chin is still visible. I’ve figured out a way to get the camera just a couple of inches higher to tackle this. Will get to try it out in the next episode.

If you’re only listening to the audio file ( which can be downloaded separately using the link below ), you’ll need visual context at a couple of places. It might seem like I’m talking about something that makes no sense, in which case, please give the video a whirl. I’ll try to be more conscious about this in forthcoming episodes.

Thank you for listening and reading and re-sharing. Thank you SO very much! And keep those questions coming else I’m going to continue talking about inane things like my hair. Like I said, it’s just hair!

Download Audio-Only here : #33-TheNainaRedhuExperience-My-Hair-Audio-Only

I’m happy to answer questions about photography, blogging, the industry and about my experiences. You can ask me by leaving a comment here or by emailing me on

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