Roses are red
Violets are blue
Your old speakers are dead
So here’s something new.

A few weeks after moving to the Gurgaon apartment, the speakers that I usually listened to music on – connected to the desktop – died. Having gotten rid of the desktop – the space it occupied was no longer justifying the utility of the machine – I’d hook up the speakers to the laptop and turn up the volume. It was a set of two tiny speakers and one woofer box that bounced around if I upped the bass. It literally walked across the floor till it’s connecting wire didn’t let it go any farther.

I’m not an audiophile by any means but I do enjoy music when I want to listen to some tunes. But if you asked me to spot the difference between how the same music track sounds on two different sound systems, I’ll probably only manage a blank stare. I enjoy the music but I’m not going to get into the technicality of how one particular frequency is better on one sound system.

But the boy! The boy is an audiophile. Whenever brands get in touch with us to experience anything to do with audio, guess who gets to hog the tech? Yup. The boy.

This wasn’t a brand gig though. The speakers had died and I didn’t have the enthusiasm to do any sort of research before I purchased anything – if at all. I have these tiny Jambox Red Dot award winning bluetooth speakers that Adobe had gifted to me during the Adobe MAX LA trip in 2015 – and I’m ok with those. Can’t play those too loud though and the sound isn’t all that great – but as long as I could hear the song or the podcast, I was too lazy to spend any time getting a new piece of tech.

The boy of course couldn’t imagine me buying yet another piece of junk that died too soon and doesn’t even do it’s job all that well. So, without telling me, he did extensive research online and offline and very soon I was holding a box in my hands and he very eagerly was asking me to “Open it!”

I opened it and found the JBL Charge 2+ bluetooth speakers and promptly poked the woofers on the sides. Much to the horror of the boy. He told me never to do that again while also urging me to quickly connect some music and tell him what I thought.

It’s a mean piece of equipment and it is LOUD. For it’s size, the volume it produces is remarkable. Put it in a corner and the bass is mind-blowing. Podcasts sound crystal clear and music is great too. I’m quite thrilled with this gift and highly recommend it if you’re looking to buy a portable bluetooth speaker.

The boy gives it a 9/10 rating – and has written an extensive review of the device on his blog. Do check it out if you’re curious about the specs and how different music genres fared.

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Happy anniversary to you too love! ( I wrote a piece About The Boy on the day we completed seven years of living together! )

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