After more than a few incidents of questions about hosting and domain names and how I manage my blog and who designs it and questions about how I started etc., I finally decided to talk a bit about it. It’s still not even the tip of the iceberg really. I doubt a podcast is the right place to start if you’re trying to understand how to get started – thinking of a name for the domain, registering it, buying hosting space, deciding on a CMS, finalizing a theme / design, etc. These are best learned by experimenting and failing. If you’re planning to run a blog like mine – one-person doing everything.

I mentioned some brand names and links and hosting providers that I swear by, links below :

DreamHost : I book my domains via DH as much as possible and I have a Managed WordPress hosting plan with them. Have been with them since 2005. My affiliate link with DreamHost. There’s a 97-day money-back guarantee and you can share your own affiliate links with your readers.

ThemeForest : I buy and research all my WordPress themes on TF. Made WordPress Theme design studios and developers sell their themes on TF and it is a one-stop shop for all my web-design/development needs. When I’m looking for code snippets or WordPress themes or audio files or video footage to use etc. My affiliate link with ThemeForest.

CoSchedule : I use CoSchedule to schedule all my social media updates – Twitter, Facebook Personal Profile, Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Instagram ( although Instagram is the prompt-based – there’s no auto-scheduling ). Their Calendar feature also gives me a quick overview of my blog’s editorial calendar – spacing out scheduled blog posts is a breeze because I can do a drag-and-drop instead of going to each individual post in WordPress to change the Publish date, for example. Another one of those tools that I recommend highly. My referral link with CoSchedule.

Unless there are some very specific questions you’d like me to answer, talking about hosting and domains and blog design can sound all over the place. Yes branding is important. Yes blog design is important. Yes having a proper domain name / brand name is important. But what is most important is that you blog. That you write and photograph and share it on your blog. Everything else will come slowly and steadily. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to start with the perfect design and the perfect brand name but it is even better to start with existing work that you can then fit into a shiny new design and a brand name that truly adds meaning to all the work you’ve put in.

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