Wanted to talk about how professional and non-professional photographers can put social media to good use. Ended up talking about a bunch of other stuff too. If you are a photographer and you have an online portfolio website, a blog is a no-brainer, in addition. It is easy to come up with a strategy to share your work across platforms – as long as you have images that you’re editing and / or delivering to clients, you have material to share across all platforms. If you’re not doing this because you think it’s too much work, it’s is, but only initially. Once you find your groove and flow, you won’t even look at it as work. You don’t have to “blog” like I do or like anyone else does. But you owe it to your work – more people need to see it.

That, above, is what I focus on in the 34th episode of my podcast.

Thank you for listening and reading and re-sharing. Thank you SO very much!

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