I’d planned to upload this one as a “special” over the weekend but couldn’t get around to it. Recorded this one right after a lovely meeting with Nisha of Covetlo.com I’d done a couple of meetings last week and felt hopeful about positive changes – mainly because the people I’d met are great people. People make all the difference. I’d like to remember that the next time I’m having a shitty day. While the industry might be whatever it is, I do have some minuscule power to help push it in a direction that helps all of us in the long run. ( I’m trying very hard not to delete that previous sentence because it sounds SO arrogant – as if I actually have the power to make an industry-wide changes. ) But I can change my own self. I can adapt. I can acknowledge that I fucked up and that acknowledgement is the first step toward making an improvement in my own professional or personal life.

All kinds of people put together make this industry what it is. We find our tribe and work together and help raise the bar as much as we can. Meeting people who do this helps give me hope. I’m otherwise quite pessimistic about professionalism in India. But, things are indeed changing.

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  1. Loved the video Naina. I have been a PR consultant with various brands and now have crossed the threshold to the other side of blogging. I agree with you on everything you said, particularly the frequency of pushing updates for a brand on a campaign and the suggestion for brands that “numbers” aren’t everything! 🙂

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