In this episode of the podcast, I talk about blogger platforms that claim to get business for bloggers and influencers. Some of the ones I’ve mentioned are FohrCard, BlogMint and Get Evangelized. Also check out FohrCard’s podcast about blogging and influencer marketing : A Drink With James.

Download Audio-Only here : #38-The-Naina-Redhu-Experience-Blogger-Platforms

I’m happy to answer questions about photography, blogging, the industry and about my experiences. You can ask me ANYTHING by leaving a comment here or by emailing me on

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  1. Hi Naina
    It was great to see a blogger & photographer like you actually share her experiences about the realities of blogging with her audience. I follow Akanksha Redhu as well, and I’m super pleased as an audience by the approach you both have towards blogging i.e it’s not superficial and neither does it appear so. I too am a budding blogger, but due to my working hours as a designer and the job that I’m in right now, blogging tends to take a back seat at times. Will be really happy to interact with you about how to actually get started in full swing, how to market my blog and engage as well as increase my audience, and ofcourse how to crack brand collaborations.
    If & when you get the time, you can always visit my blog At and the instagram page by the same name. Would love to know your thoughts 🙂

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