Well hello! It is the 50th edition of my podcast! Almost a whole year of weekly episodes. Which is totally not what I had expected to do but I definitely had hoped to achieve. Viewership seems to have lowered a bit since I started the Influencer Marketing for Brands series but that was expected since I didn’t think many brands or people managing brands would have time to sit around and listen to a podcast or watch a video for almost 30 minutes every week. As far I know, there is no other podcast that discusses influencer marketing or influencers specific to the Indian market place. It is a new space and yet it feels like the bubble might burst anytime!

In this episode, I set out to address two subjects but ended up speaking only about one in details : influencer relationship maintenance and management. Which is something you, as a brand person, need to think of prior to engaging with an influencer. How do you plan to stay in touch once the current campaign / activity is done and dusted?

I also talk about a call I got from a fragrance brand that has never worked with an influencer but wanted to work with me and the things I talked about to them on that call.

Enjoy! And thank you for listening / watching. What do you think about this series? Is there something I’m completely missing? Am I talking about stuff that’s too basic? Am I making any sense? Would love to know!

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