Finally! 52 weeks of this podcast. A whole year! Unbelievable eh – at least to me! And the seventh edition in the Influencer Marketing for Brands series! ( I’m talking about – from a brand’s point-of-view – who or what is an “influencer” and I also talk about where you can find these influencers. )

I get a little pedantic about things like “What is an Instagram bio?” because a lot of people are starting on this “influencer marketing” thing only in 2017 – they are new to social networks and we can all use a bit of a nudge to get started.

Where will you find influencers? Ask around. Word of mouth is ideal to know who has done solid work. “Follower” counts can be and are super deceptive. Do you research, talk to other brands who have experience in working with influencers. Where did they get value from? Ask for recommendations.

I also talk a little bit about why I got on the Internet originally and how things have changed now.

The second “notecard” is introduced in this episode and I talk about step-by-step specifics of “Things To Consider” when it comes to actually working with an Influencer. The previous notecard was about Things to consider at the brand / campaign level before even thinking about which influencers to engage with.

Enjoy! And thank you for listening / watching. What do you think about this series? Is there something I’m completely missing? Am I talking about stuff that’s too basic? Am I making any sense? Would love to know!

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