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This is one of my Dad’s oldest friends. Dr. Chillar from Najafgarh. They studied together in Homeopathy College.

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve called him up to ask for medicine recommendations. He’s like the family doctor that my nomadic “fauji” family never had. We don’t get to see him and his family as much as we’d like to – the typical situation with same-city dwellers. So close geographically, yet so far.

It feels like a lot of work, keeping up with friends and family. But it always surprises me that all it takes is one meeting once a year and it feels like we’ve been in touch regularly. Not much effort. Hopefully, the generation after my Dad’s ( i.e. mine ), stays in touch. Facebook helps a bit – staying in touch with my Dad’s friends’ children, but there is no substitute for meeting in-person.





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