You have got to be kidding me with the kinds of terms influencers are expected to sign up for! Just read this email I received and hear me rant about it on the podcast episode this week!

– Start of Email –

Hello Naina,

We at X Agency connect Brands to Celebrities, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Content Creators and more. We are associated with some of the leading brands in the country. X Agency aims to provide the brands associated with us maximum reach, high user engagement and a promising Return On their Investment.

We Intend to establish a long term partnership with a set number of hand-picked individuals with whom we plan to work for our clientele.

The following points underline the primary ways in which we are different from the other agencies:
1. Standardised Minimal Pricing – We don’t quote prices based on how big the pocket of the brand is. We are same for everyone. Just like Uber. And we also promise to the brands, that our prices for our individual partners are the minimum in the industry. If another agency offers a better price than us to our clients, as a policy we stop engaging with the partner for further clients.
2. Fast Payments – We give you the option to get your payment within 10 days of the completion of the campaign whereas the industry standards have a minimum of 30 days and extends upto 90 days.
3. Technology Driven – Our technology team is simultaneously building an Individual management platform wherein we will onboard our partners, so they can communicate better, get automated payments and have clear deliverables with no room for miscommunication.
You are requested to provide the following Information so we can better understand your involvements in suitable campaigns. I will appreciate if you can share your charges for following separately:

· One Instagram Post + Story
· One Facebook Post + story
· Tweet
· Combined Social Media Post

Also, You are also requested to share your charges for other social platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube.

Payments release terms:

You have the freedom to select either of the two options mentioned below:
Transfer within 10 Days – we charge 10% commission.
Transfer within 45 Days – No commission

Please note: For each campaign you are requested to share the insights of all the deliverables. We would also require you to send the HD content files so the brand can use them on their channels for its promotion.

Please feel free to reach out with further queries and we can take it from there.

If you haven’t shared your contact number already with our team, do share it here for future communications.

– End of Email –


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