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  • Naina's Monday Ask Me Anything 06/07/2020 July 7, 2020
    ( Instagram Profile Review : ) How to enhance writing skills? @devineseven Ever tried glass painting? @tushar_babbar How do you deal with friends (not close ones), asking for free business advice? @sanjanasamuel How are you keeping your eyes safe despite being exposed to screens so much? @manhpreetsingh How to find your ace style in […]
  • Naina's Monday Ask Me Anything 29th June 2020 June 30, 2020
    Workshops : Art Shop : Subscribe to the Newsletter : Any photography session in the coming weeks? Yes! Definitely one free webinar for an hour where I plan to talk about the absolute basics for those of us who know a good photo when we see it but don't know how to […]
  • Naina's Monday Ask Me Anything 22nd June 2020 June 30, 2020
    How do you differentiate between positive criticism & unwanted advice? "Criticism" has two definitions : "the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes" & "the analysis and judgement of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work". The former is negative & unhelpful. The latter […]
  • Naina's Monday Ask Me Anything 15th June 2020 June 22, 2020
    As a new brand / creator, how do I get visibility? How will people get to know about me? ...... Online + offline approach. 1. Do / make / be good quality. 2. Meet people in-person / interact online. 3. Talk about what you do, consistently. Share. 4. Repeat. Give it time. If you have […]
  • Selling Art On Etsy: Should I Do It? #TheNainaRedhuExperience 107 June 13, 2020
    TLDR : No. Don’t. Some of the reasons that I’ve been able to think of why selling on Etsy is a bad idea for your brand and business : .....ALGORITHMS You, your shop, your brand and your livelihood is at the mercy of Etsy’s Algorithm. If they decide to de-incentivize the category of products under […]
  • 5 Questions on Naina's Monday AMA, 8th June 2020 June 8, 2020
    How to make a shift from Freelancing to Professional when it comes to Photography? A Freelancer is someone who is self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. A Freelancer is a Professional. "Free" + "Lance" : a medieval mercenary - a professional hired to do a job. A Professional might be […]
  • The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Moves to Spotify : What Does That Mean? #Podcasting #SocialMedia #Spotify May 22, 2020
    Read related blog post here on the blog. Naina Redhu is a professional photographer. Her career, spanning 16 years, started with an MBA in IT & Systems, to a job as an Innovation Management Consultant, to branding & graphic design work for international clients, to a full-time solo-entrepreneurship as an Experience Collector. Naina has […]
  • #TNRE 102: Photographing People in Public Spaces in India #TheNainaRedhuExperience May 20, 2020
    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice. I'm only talking about my experiences & how to probably handle it professionally. Speak to a lawyer who has worked with photographers and / or is an Intellectual Property lawyer & knows laws on privacy & copyright. Naina Redhu is a professional photographer. Her […]
  • 104 #TNRE : Influencer Marketing For Brands Part 10 : During A Pandemic #TheNainaRedhuExperience May 20, 2020
    This is part of an ongoing series where I talk about getting started on Influencer Marketing from the point of view of Brands. If you are a brand / brand manager & have been wanting to understand how to work with Influencers, I recommend getting started from Part 1 on this playlist on YoutTube Naina […]
  • #TNRE 103: Isolation Creation Pressure in the time of CoronaVirus #TheNainaRedhuExperience March 26, 2020
    You don't HAVE TO create something new everyday to post on your social media accounts. Your first responsibility is towards yourself and your family : stay safe, stay home! Naina Redhu is a professional photographer. Her career, spanning 16 years, started with an MBA in IT & Systems, to a job as an Innovation Management […]