Let me start by giving an excuse : I’ve been busy. Ooops! I’ve had the Micromax mobile phones for review with me since the Micromax Blogger’s meet in New Delhi. And I have been thinking of various ways in which to make photographs – but only got around to doing so over the last week. Since I’m not much of a mobile phone reviewer, I stick to reviewing the aesthetics, looks and visuals.

This is “bling!” by Micromax – you might recall seeing this in the TV ad with Twinkle Khanna. It’s a cute little phone with Swarowski crystals as the main three menu buttons! Definitely not my type of phone – but definitely a girl’s phone.

Bloggers won Micromax phones! Loads of tweeting happened. @simple_sy won Micromax’s first Android phone for the maximum number of Tweets with the event-specific hashtag. And @clintonjeff won a Micromax phone too! The whole show was quite well-managed by the @mediaredefined team and the Micromax team was fab to hang out with.

Some photographs of the two review devices – the Micromax Bling! and Eclipse mobile phones. I’d review the devices too but I seem to be stuck with my Nexus One pretty good – – if you HAVE to know what these phone are like, try the unboxing review of the A60 Android by zomgitscj.com or bling! review by fonearena.com.


  1. I love the pics you clicked. They make the phone look even better.
    I bought this Micromax Bling recently from mnvcollections.com and I must say that while initially using this phone was fun later on it became a bit of a pain. This was to do with the size and shape which would get in the way.
    But I liked Micromax (shush all your Nokia lovers) and now I am planning to buy the Andro A60.
    And since I pride myself on being a bit of a tech-junkie, I think I will buy this one online again from mnvcollections.com than go to any shop. I mean, about time we put our money where the matter is when it comes to ecommerce booming in India, right?!

  2. Is micromax a good mobile? Why does everyone say its a China made mobile? This is one of the user who is not satisfied with your service. This is what he said. [admin : Edited comment ]

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