1. I’ve faced this a lot of times too! A photo featuring me and a couple of my friends was lifted from Orkut or Facebook, somewhere by someone and used in an article in a local newspaper in Hyderabad.

    The point is, are the laws strong enough in India to save us? Do the laws even exist?

    It was fortunate that the person asked you, but thousands go without asking. And I’ve heard that response way too often “We found it on Google”. Perhaps more than anything else, we should be educating people to make them understand – any content on the internet of Google search results is not FREE FOR USE.

    1. I will refrain from jumping into the existentialist question of “Why do even need laws to make us behave ‘properly’?” Haha!

      How do you propose we educate? I don’t think most people’s egos can handle “being educated”. Most take it as chastisement. I feel hopeless.

  2. Even small things like tweets are lifted without permissions, twisted & presented in a weird fashion. Seriously, there needs to be an ‘awareness’ campaign for such people to realize everything that is ‘found on Google’ cannot be used!

  3. You should not have published the facebook URL of the page 🙂
    Now I know..who is that developer 😀

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