iMoStraps are handmade camera straps made of various materials : leather, cotton, woven, jacquard, etc. Designed in HongKong and handmade in China, they make lovely gifts. Everyone is a photographer and this is a great way to encourage them further. Akin to having a wardrobe for your camera!

I had been wanting to review interesting camera straps and iMoStraps got in touch with me around the same time. They were kind enough to send over the above camera straps for me to review and use. It is a fairly simple concept and their products are reasonably priced as well. The “iMo” stands for “In My Opinion” and while they could do with better branding, I think it works for their audience.

I can close my eyes and imagine an analog camera getting along real well with a handmade strap from iMoStraps. I wouldn’t use these straps on my D800 but I suspect they’d hold up just fine in terms of handling the weight.

Below : People Camera Strap in Cotton. The colors and the texture are what attracted me to this one.

Below : Magic Planet Studded and Spiked Leather Camera Strap. This is my favorite by far. And this is what my Fuji X100 has been wearing since I received the camera straps. Make sure you don’t put the camera in a tight space with the strap – don’t pack it – as the metal stud will scratch your camera. Otherwise, rock and roll!

Below Left : Color Dot Neoprene Camera Strap. This is a geeky, reminiscent-of-8-bit, colorful strap. The neoprene padding makes it very comfortable to wear and provides a grip when you hang it off your shoulder.

Below Right : Ruby Camera Jacquard Strap. The gold sequins work well if you’re planning to carry your camera along to a traditional Indian wedding. This is a very pretty strap.

Below : Black Romance Neoprene Camera Strap. Skulls are evergreen!

The ends of all the straps are made of leather. Like all handmade products, each product varies and yours might not look the same as mine from the above photographs.

Some of their straps are quick-release as you can see above. This means that you can leave the strap-ends on the camera and switch the design bit to suit the occasion. For example, in the above, the skulls, the color dots and the sequinned straps are quick release and I can change quickly depending on where I’m headed. Changing the studded leather strap on the other hand requires some dedicated time to weave in and out of the various loops.

You can find them on their website, on Twitter as @iMoCameraStrap and Facebook.

If you have questions about the camera straps, please ask in the comments below. If you are keen to make a purchase and would like a discount code, we might have something for you!

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    1. Megha me too. Although initially I wasn’t sure I trusted them with my D800 but since I’m mostly using the 50mm lens with it now, it works really well. With the larger 70-200mm I might be doubtful although the company definitely says that the straps will easily hold the weight and more.

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