Via Wikipedia, “Orla Kiely is an Irish fashion designer based in London. Although she started work on hat design, she has since moved into design work on handbags and her designs have been featured on a variety of other items, including kitchenware and cars.”

The presentation was held at the Elms Lester Painting Rooms, which I thought was a brilliant space but for the number of people who wanted to be at the Orla Kiely presentation!

The one on the right above? Orangey goodness. Loved it. The print and the colors. Giraffes. There’s a pair of shorts in dark blue as well.

Giraffe print shorts in dark blue above! My favorite.

And OMG a whole dress in the dame giraffe print! Absolutely love it.

Below : Victor Philpott of BlogDeluxe fame. With the Orla Keily iPhone case. Do see his outfit post to find out more about that gorgeous grey coat and the orange fox tail!

You can find Orla Kiely on Twitter @Orla_Kiely, on Facebook and Instagram.