You’ve already seen the Fittings sessions being managed by the ladies of Preferred Professionals and the subsequent Rehearsals on the same day at the Canadian Ambassador’s residence. This set of images is from the day after the fittings and rehearsals. The day started with a Press Conference that had been organized and set by Anisha and Aparna and then the Backstage setup began for the launch event showcasing four of India’d leading fashion designers.

Beautiful linen walls kept the launch area hidden from sight during the press conference. The focus of the press conference was to announce the launch of the Four Seasons Private Residences named DELH1 in collaboration with The 3C Company.

There were simple, elegant flower arrangements all over the venue. From the courtyard space to the bar tops and each of the round tables that had been set out for the guests.

The catering was by ITC Maurya Sheraton and there was lovely food from the Chefs at Bukhara.

Meanwhile, backstage, the crew was busy setting up the revolving stage leading to the catwalk.

Above, Anisha at left and Aparna on the right, finally grabbing lunch after the press conference is over and the media has left.

A model getting her makeup done backstage, many hours prior to the start of the show.

Models’ hair being prepared by the backstage team.

Garments being steam ironed on the left above and the choice of hair-style displayed on the artist’s iPad close to where they work, doing up hair for the models.

Paper laser-cut lamp covers that will go around each candle in the middle of the round tables for guests.

The show area would be cordoned off till it was time to start the show and for this, the balcony of the residence was covered by cloth on velcro.

A model listens to music after her hair are done, waiting for her turn at the make-up table.
Below, a model listens to music while her makeup is being done.

Models wait outside the green room.

Sound system wires and chairs without cushions.

Paper flowers on the plywood trees that serve as a backdrop for one of the stage rotations.

A paper leaf floats down to the floor.

The other side of the stage with someone putting final touches through the foliage.

Some of the flowers all over the venue.

Aparna in conversation with Lloyd explaining how the stage would close and re-open after it has completed rotating to the other setup.

Above : a look at the living room of the Canadian Ambassador’s residence.

A bunch of walkie talkies on the carpet floor – command central.

Anisha working on her laptop at command central.

The stage now looks like it’s finally coming together. The smoke / fog machines work!

Lloyd on his console checking lights and music.

Beautiful table decorations.

The Moon is out!

The balcony area of the residence covered with the cloth on velcro. Guests will not be able to see the setup area until it is opened for them.

More flower arrangements and champagne flutes.

On one of the tables outside.

Discussing the introduction speech pieces with the emcee Sonam Kalra.

Designer Tarun Tahiliani walks in to check on progress.

Above left Sonalika Sahay with Aparna practicing one of her moves on the catwalk. On the right, from earlier in the evening, Mahesh putting up paper flowers on the backdrop.

And during final rehearsals, the fog machine malfunctions and smokes up one of the models.

Above, Anisha in conversation with someone from The 3C Company’s team.

Mahesh under the circular / cylindrical curtain that covers the model of the DELH1, which will be unveiled after two catwalk shows.

Adil works on makeup for a model backstage.

Model Olga above.

Above left, Anisha from earlier in the day, running around, getting things done. And on the right, waiting for Mahesh to fix the circular / cylindrical curtain above the DELH1 model.

Tarang from the Preferred Professionals’ team taking flowers around the venue. On the right, a view of the fountain from inside the entrance to the ambassador’s residence.

Anisha erasing marks on the wallpaper that covers the bar counters in the courtyard space. It’s heartening to see these girls being hands-on with their work. It is impossible to stand around and do nothing while these two toil away.

A moment of silence – they’re facing eachother across the little water-body in the middle of the courtyard.

Above model Sapna Kumar at left and designer Rina Dhaka at right, backstage in the green room.

Model Carol Gracias in conversation backstage, as she does her own eyes.

And finally, the show is about to begin and the cloth partition is removed as guests pour into the show area.

So now you’ve seen all the Fittings, Rehearsals and Backstage action. Photographs from the final show coming up in the next and final installment of my latest story with Preferred Professionals.




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