Rajesh Kalra, (  on Twitter )
He has been a journalist since 1987 and is currently the Chief Editor, Times Internet. ( Business head for all online language properties of The Times Group. )

He mostly wears cotton and sometimes Cotton Blends. He started the PedalYatri Group in Gurgaon and cycling is a passion for him –  if sweat wasn’t an issue then he would wear Cotton even while cycling. His personal style is all about comfort and Rajesh doesn’t really care what he’s wearing as long as it keeps him comfortable.

Sometimes he takes mobile phone photos of new styles that pique his interest from in-flight magazines but nine out of ten time he forgets to do anything with those photos. He prefer to wear comfortable clothes that have Cycling motifs on them. He doesn’t go shopping with the intent of buying clothes but if the shopping is cycling-related then yes!

#LiveInCotton is a Tumblr photography project commissioned by the Cotton Council International and I’m one of the photographers working on the assignment. It involves photographing people in their regular, daily lives and sharing their thoughts on wearing Cotton. The photographs first show up on the LiveInCotton Tumblr blog here but I’ve also been itching to share the photographs and some extra on the blog as well. )


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