Haven’t tried too many make-up removers but this is the only one that’s now a part of my regular routine. For really excellent water-proof super non-removable make-up, this takes about 2-3 rounds. Especially when it’s mascara on the eyelashes. ( I just ordered and received two more bottles of this magic potion. )

I have a pair of while leather penny loafers. And they got a bit of a smudge and I freaked. Then I did what I do when want to remove make-up, took a cotton round, soaked it with this and rubbed it on the smudge and it was gone! Just like that. I cleaned up the entire leather shoe with this and it was amazing. Keeps the leather supple as well because of the Camomile oil.

It’s water-based + oil-based so remember to shake it really well before you use it. On your face or otherwise.

Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover by The BodyShop. ( Links to product on Indian online store. )

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