Having never interacted with the Inglot brand previously, when they invited me to hang out with other bloggers and get some tips on make-up, I caved. I love new make-up in my beauty closet and couldn’t wait to see what they had for me in the goodie bag! ( There was a lipstick, which I like the color of although it “tastes” a tad weird. The nail paint was from their “Breathable O2” collection, which feels great on my nails. The blush is pink, not my style – I prefer warmer / brown / orange shades and there was one more color palette with a shiny bright white/gold color pot and one dark brown color pot – I’m not sure what it’s for as the packaging did not clarify but I’ve used it on my cheeks for contouring and it seems ok – especially for “dhinchaak” weddings. )


I’ve been experimenting with nail paint and while most of my stash is CHANEL, it’s always nice to have a pop of bright color to experiment some more! On my way back from the evening, I spotted the “Delhi Eye” ( it’s nothing like the London Eye but I’ve heard enough people referring to this Ferris Wheel as the London Eye ) and snapped up a quick photo on my phone.

Thank you for having me over Inglot! ( The Inglot brand is handled by MajorBrands in India. It is originally a Polish brand and was founded about 30 years ago. Inglot is a Polish surname / last name. )


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