In the latest #WhatsUpNaina September news, NeelSutra now has a Bridal Lounge at Khan Market. They launched it over a lovely evening recently. If you’re getting married, they have all services to provide under one roof, including bridal couture, wedding photography, exclusive Marzipan, wedding decorators, food consultants, wedding cards and stationery, make-up and manicures / pedicures etc. It is quite cool to have all this under one roof. And of course the lovely Deepika Govind is there to manage everything for you.

Yes, Selfies for the win! Above with Deepika Govind, Sujata Assomull, Mohnish of SilveMonkey and with Shruti who was my date for the evening.

Earlier in the day I’d stopped by at the Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel for the Guerlain spa date in collaboration with L’Officiel India Magazine. Their invite said that the dress code was “floral” and I was clearly in the mood for it *wink* Guerlain is known for their fragrances and skin care range. They’re a French brand that was established in 1828 and their flagship product is a fragrance called Shalimar. I was keen to nose it and I did ( although it wasn’t the extract but the lighter version ) but for a Vanilla-heavy fragrance ( I’m not a Vanilla fan ), it was delightfully fresh. There was other fragrances and distractions in the room and I wasn’t able to give all my attention to nosing the fragrance though – maybe another opportunity will present itself!

Above with Prerna of L’Officiel.

The food was amazing at this event. Not only was it tasty, it had also been presented really well. My car had a flat tyre and the stress of that is what I am going to blame for not having any more photographs of the food.

( Unfortunately the hotel wasn’t helpful with assisting me in fixing the flat tyre – I’ve changed enough flat tyres on my car but never in a short dress and didn’t want to show-off my underwear on the streets of New Delhi. I don’t expect hotels to start a vehicle workshop on their premises but I’m sure they could *help* in such situations – I was willing to pay for it of course but to no avail. Oh well. Luckily I had friends close by and it got sorted without further hassle. )


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