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Pretty much everyone who knows me closely knows that I’m scared of going to the dentist. Which is why one of my molars turned into THAT above.

I have had quite a few terrible terrible experiences with dentists growing up and I was unable to trust any other dentist ever again.

This time, before I left for Bombay for the awesome gigs with Go Pro & St. Regis, one of my molars developed a severe ache that I attributed to the tooth having finally given up. Top right wisdom tooth had turned almost horizontal and it had been nearly impossible to clean for many months.

In a bit of a panic – it was the day before my flight & I had a double dozen things to do and there was no way I could leave the apartment at a time that would be suitable to go see a dentist in person. After two family recommendations who I called and was sorely disappointed with, I took to Twitter to ask for help.

I got three promising leads from people I trust. One of those dentists turned out to be MEH. Another one was very nice but didn’t sound like someone I was willing to trust with my teeth. The final and fifth number I called wasn’t even a direct doctor recommendation. I only had the number to the clinic.

I called and requested to speak with a doctor who was available and willing. Within seconds I was connected to Dr. Komal Patel. She listened to me describe my symptoms patiently and suggested a course of action. She was polite, professional and she sounded like she knew what she was doing. And boy did she!

I asked the GoodService app for help with the prescribed medication and the antibiotics & pain killers were quickly delivered by them. I was set for Bombay. I could barely smile without wincing and drinking and eating was painful as well.

Within 5 days, the pain was gone and I was determined to get back to NCR and go see Dr. Komal and get my goddamn teeth fixed. They are skewed and jagged but decay was something new and I was NOT happy about it. I was done being scared and trusted this awesome doctor I’d stumbled upon. The photos are from my day there today. They even arranged lunch for me ( I paid for it – everything including two fillings, cleaning & one extraction plus the lunch, cost me a total of ~Rs. 11,000, which was fucking reasonable for the service and treatment I received ) – I had decided to wait for the surgeon at the clinic instead of leaving and returning.

Dr. Anil Yadav was the surgeon and he was awesome too. I highly recommend you go to Dental Roots and and specifically for these two at the Gurgaon clinic.



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Above, with Dr. Komal Patel AFTER my tooth was extracted by Dr. Anil Yadav. I am planning to return from Ranikhet & get the three other wisdom teeth extracted as well.

The Dental Roots : Website | Twitter | Facebook

Hat tip to @urban_sanyaasi.

Except the photograph of the tooth, the toothy Selfie and the Selfie with the doctor, all shot on the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver! Check out Go Pro, officially in India now!




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