Dear Photographer,

We would like to explore the cross promotion opportunities with your brand. This could be a great opportunity for both our brands – help us reach newer audiences and engage with them meaningfully. We have charms that are inspired by Photography, i.e. Camera Charm & more. We can post your content on our social media channels or sponsor a giveaway for your fanbase and other such activities.


“Dear Photographer…”

I think you meant “dear blogger”.


“…cross promotion opportunities for both our brands…”

I think you meant “…cross promotion opportunities for OUR brand…” because your brand doesn’t really exist yet. Getting a name and a clipart logo doesn’t mean it’s a “brand” yet. is open to cross-promotion opportunities with brands that have equivalent if not more traffic than the platform. Else it is an unfair exchange of value. Not everything is about money but everything IS about value.

It’s nice that brands include a link to their websites in their emails. One look and I know I don’t want to have anything to do with their brand. Yikes.


“…engage with them meaningfully…”

If you knew what “engagement” or “meaningfully” meant, you wouldn’t be writing to me. Or if you’d just browsed through my blog. There is nothing I’ve ever done with a brand in a similar category or industry as yours. I’m open to new approaches, new brands and new segments but not like this. Again, build a relationship. Or at the very least pretend to try. “Dear Blogger” or “Dear Photographer” doesn’t cut it. It’s 2017 now! If you can’t engage with your “media” friends meaningfully, what hope does one have that you’ll do that with your actual customers?


“…we can post your content on our social media…”

Of course you can. But will I let you? It’s silly. The brands I work with and advise, I tell them to re-use re-share the images I make but hardly any do. While I might present my interpretation of their brand on my platform, sharing that same interpretation by the brand on their own channels might not be wise. It’s a tough call and branding takes a lot of time. It is nice to have aspirations but one needs to follow some sensible strategy to get there. At the very least, address the receiver by name. If that is too much work, don’t bother to send the email.


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