​I am writing you on behalf of X and bringing you an opportunity to become India’s next blogging star. Let me spill the beans 🙂 here is the path to become India’s next blogging sensation.

1. Write a blog post on your blog, click 5 different stylish looks in the same denim (jeans) –> selfie opportunity – :-)))
2. Go to <URL> and signup.
3. Just submit your blog link.

Yes, That’s it and get ready for being part of a great journey. We will be flying 30 bloggers to Mumbai to be coached with X academy experts with loads of goodies and an association with ‘X’. Sounds Exciting? You can check out <URL>

Hurry, Just 2 Days left ..

We are waiting for you to become India’s Next Blogging Star ! Hit Reply or call me if you need any assistance or help.


Child. Maybe you should first check who you’re emailing. I’m your Mama and then some.

To all aspiring bloggers – yes, this can be a decent opportunity for some exposure – if you’re already working for free that is. If you’re spending your own money and purchasing garments and then getting your friends to photograph you and then publishing that stuff on the blog, don’t let me stop you. Carry on burning yourself into the ground please. The blogging industry in India needs a cleanse.


“we are waiting for you to become India’s next blogging star”

But I already am – or so I thought! In any case, I don’t work for free, I’m so not excited about your juvenile email and proposal. Also, maybe you’re looking to hire someone to do the actual coaching? How about you sign me up for that paid gig. Actually scratch that. I’m not a “fashion blogger”, so I will not be the correct person to coach any of these aspiring bloggers. I do talk about blogging / photography / life on my podcast, which is “free coaching” as far as I’m concerned.

Do brands truly believe it is simple to “photograph 5 stylish looks”? Where is this kid going to get a photographer from? Rightly assuming that photographer charges for their work, is this kid now supposed to spend money to participate in your non-guaranteed “competition”?

Is this “competition” regulated? Where’s the T&C? ( Because it wasn’t available on the website URL they provided – I first have to create an account, before I can find out just what it is I’m signing up for! )


As an aside, this brand’s tagline is “Digitally Glorified”.

And I’d rather know beforehand what this “Association with X” entails. Show me the paper work before you ask me to sign it you dimwits. But they continue to get away with this bullshit because there aren’t enough of us asking these questions.

Please have that forest fire lit under your ass and have the drive to work hard and excel and jump at each opportunity you get – but please ask questions and make sure you get satisfactory answers BEFORE you jump in.

Stuff like the above is an absolute no-no and I don’t care how young or new you are. Don’t do it.


More anecdotes and stories in the #WTFNaina series. ( These are all inspired by true stories. Some written emails, some from face-to-face meetings. They have all been piling up for years now and I’ve decided to put them to use! )





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  1. This is just one of the many èxploitations that keep on happening around. In my humble opinion the more the blogging sector gets organised the better are the chances for all these to stop. Better Organized= more awareness=less of newcomers falling in for these baits

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