In the 42nd episode ( actually the 45th episode but I can’t follow numbering to save my life, so I come up with special episodes numbered “39a” ), I talk about four different things. I answer two questions and talk about two things I wanted to talk about.

01. I get asked this a lot for some reason : Which bloggers inspire me? Which bloggers do I look up to? etc. I finally address this question with a semi-decent answer. People who inspire me include people who are photographers, entrepreneurs, scientists and over all awesome human beings. Some of them have blogs but none of them are “bloggers”.

02. An email from a blogger with a year old blog triggered my rant about “small town” bloggers. Just because you are living in a non-metro city, doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful blog. I also talk about how brands are NOT going to reach out to you – YOU have to reach out to them.

03. Friends don’t want to run their friends’ business into the ground. Which is why friends pay their friends when they hire them for their skills. “But I’m your friend yaar, give me a discount!” No. Fuck you pay me applies to everyone. If I offer to do something for free for a friend, that is my prerogative.

04. A few episodes ago, I talked about how it took me so long to build a decent blog and how six months is not enough. In this episode, I tell you not listen to me and go ahead and build your blog faster, better and more successful than mine because what do I know! Just because I took more than a decade doesn’t mean someone else can’t do it in six months. I’m dumb and slow, you might not be. Go for it!

Download Audio-Only here : #42-TheNaina-Redhu-Experience-Inspirational-Small-Town-Blogger-Pay-Friends

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