Should I recommend my competition? Are they even my competition? Am I recommending them because I feel sorry for them? Or I am jealous of the quality of work they produce? Do they produce good quality work? What if the client I am recommending them to doesn’t like their work? What if both parties get into a fight? How do we resolve that? Do I even have a part to play in that resolution?

I attempt to address the above questions based on an email I received from a fellow-photographer. We talked on the phone to discuss this but I don’t think there’s a clear black and white answer to this situation. Play it by ear. Create clear boundaries from the get go. While it is nice to build a relationship in the long run, don’t forget that you, as a photographer, have a business to run. As does the client. The client will do whatever it takes to maximize their profitability. As must you. Without hurting anyone.

What do you think? What do you do when a client calls you up to check your availability, you’re not available, and then they ask you if you know another photographer? I’ve been asked once, “Oh no! So do you know another photographer who can produce quality similar to yours? Little bit bad quality will also do – if they are cheaper – hehe.”

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