Aparna Singh is a self-taught artist based out of New Delhi. In addition to being an architecture graduate, and now a full-time illustrator & designer, Aparna has been blogging about her love of books since early 2011. She also posts a series of weekly comic strips (@mydoodlesateme) about her life as an introvert, learning self-love, (mis)adventures of reluctant adulting, the puppy eyed and much bearded love of her life (now husband), and her very real but imaginary cat called Billi.

Aparna has been drawing and narrating stories since she was a teeny, wide-eyed three-year-old. She always dreamed of having a little place of her own where she could make art and help fill the world with sappy happy things. Carrying forward her love for illustrations and spreading happiness through colors somehow nudged & rolled her towards the beginnings of My Doodles Ate Me (mydoodlesateme.com), a small homegrown creative brand, launching this October. The first ever collection is going to have some super corny stuff, including quirky handmade bookish jewelry, art prints, postcards, stationary, pins & badges, fridge magnets, stickers and much more. Some for you to gift yourself (‘cause hashtag ‘selflove’, duh) and some for those you love (‘cause hashtag ‘love’, duh)!

Proudly boasting of every high-quality piece made right here in India, with immense love and care, My Doodles Ate Me is not just a small brand – “It’s a childhood dream, a journey of contagious smiles, of learning to love and live, and everything I have ever stood up for.”

Aparna was part of my second workshop on the subjects of online brand building, better photos & influencer marketing.

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