“Draupadi” by Anju Modi. I’ve heard the gold jewellery was custom made by PC Jewellers especially for Anju Modi’s show at the Delhi Couture Week, 2013. And what a fantastic decision to customize because the jewellery looked exceptional from a distance, was a terrific complement and many were quite shocked that it came from PCJ. Thanks to Neel for leaving a comment mentioning that the jewellery was custom-made by Amrapali and not PCJ. [ PCJ did live up to their reputation at the Satya Paul show though – more on that later. ]

The clothes were draped so well. Each ensemble had a different draping style and had been done tastefully but differently. Another thing I loved was the segment of blue ensembles – the colors were stunning smack in the middle of other reds and golds. And lastly, I loved the performances. There were artists enacting Draupadi’s key moments from the Mahabharata – there were no words, just music and great performances. I had goose-bumps. Even the runway was in the shape of a chaupar-mat.

You can read more about who Draupadi was etc.

Anju Modi’s “show-stopper” was Tabu. While I’m a fan of celebrities walking the runway as mere show-stoppers, I’m mentioning Tabu because she was terrific. Tried so hard not to smile as she maintained the stern, calm, fierce look of Draupadi, whom she was representing. With her hair flowing at her shoulder, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her.

Such beautiful blues. And the birdcage motif was a favorite among the crowd.

So far, the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi has been a great venue – unlike Pragati Maidan that hosts the WIFW, where there is no parking, the Taj has valets. Amen.

Accreditation gets you access to a seat [ usually 3rd or 4th row ] and access to the bar. “Online” is still treated with a bit of disdain though – almost as if the officials don’t really know why they invite us in the first place. It’s a complex logistics exercise and I can’t claim to know the inner workings and the amount of hard work that goes in. But it feels wasted when different agencies give different information about the same things. As someone remarked, “This is the first time I’m attending as ‘online media’, I’m usually a ‘guest’. First and last time. Even though we provide them so much coverage, they treat us like cattle!”



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  1. the jewelries were customized specially for the show keeping in mind the concept “Draupadi” by Amrapali and not PCJ…

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