I put my face on the scanner. Literally. I know it’s been around forever but this is the first time I’ve tried it ( @tomstandage tweeted a link & while the results on Till Koenneker‘s work are nothing short of fabulous, I simply wanted to give this a shot – don’t be scared by the portrait at the end ). This are as-is low resolution scans from an HP printer, processed in Lightroom for contrast / color only.

I didn’t even have a background behind my head – just the ceiling. I love how the texture of the skin and the hair shows through.

The ear ring I’m wearing above is based on the “endless knot” symbol from Buddhism – acquired on my travel to Bhutan. Love that place and it’s people. ( Which reminds me I haven’t written about or shared photographs from either of my trips there! )

I have fabulous hair. Yes.

I couldn’t get the eyes to be in focus for most of my tries – the iris moved all the time – it was impossible to stare at one point while the scanner did its thing. Especially when I tried to scan at above the default 200 dpi resolution. The scanner slows down considerably at higher resolutions, hence. My eyes kept tracking the scanning light tube and ended up blurry – also the farther away from the glass-top I was, the blurrier the details got. And I wasn’t going to touch my corneas to the glass.

Another kind of “selfie”. Scanned selfie.

Cheers to experiments!



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