Designers Pankaj & Nidhi Ahuja gave another splendid runway show at this season’s Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014. I’d like to say “What’s new!” to that. Their work is splendid with insane detailing. ( I also want to know, is there anything on there that is machine washable please?! I’m lusting after everything but it looks so delicately ¬†beautiful that I’m afraid all of it is “Dry Clean Only”! )

This particular collection was called “House Of Cards” and there were delightful details like Spades cufflinks and Queen Of Hearts playing card bow ties!

The runway show opened with a Flamenco performance – a matador and a bull. It worked really well to pump up the enegry!

This was a Fiama Di Wills runway show and even if Akanksha & I had not been part of the #BeYoung campaign, we would have not missed this one ūüėČ

Latticework, playing card motifs, cutwork and insane attention to detail. I originally only wanted to include images of those dresses that were my favorites – and I assumed there would be a handful of those at best. But as you can tell from this story here, I’ve included pretty much everything I saw.

Those two dresses above? Oh and the ones below as well. Swoon. Sexy!

Check out’s story and photographs about the above show – much better photos and a lot more detailing! Good stuff Surbhi!

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