You recall I covered the launch of the Neel Sutra store at The Oberoi? In lieu of that, designer Deepika Govind was going to dress me up in one of her beautiful creations.

For this, I visited their store at Khan Market and that’s when I realised there’s a Neel Sutra store in Khan Market too! The designer has two stores in Bangalore and two in NCR currently.

I picked out a selection of dresses I liked and proceeded to try them on.

Beautiful weaves combined with contemporary cuts. I love such combinations. I don’t wear too many Indian clothes but I love the fabrics and the prints and textures and am always keeping my eyes peeled for dresses that utilize these.

Lucky to have hit the motherlode in this case! So many options to choose from. In fabulous silk Ikat weaves and the Blue Pottery collection, cotton, minimal prints and happy colorful ones.

This dress has a beautiful delicate print – but the cut is not my style. I was so happy to have tried it nontheless because I got photos!

This one below was my second favorite choice. Light silk through and through and traditional Indian weaves combined in a burst of bright colors. And it costs less than INR 10,000! So many levels of brilliant.

But I’d already found a winner in this one. Thank you so much Veena for your kind help in pointing out the ones that you instinctively knew I’d love! I’m so grateful that you pushed me to show you each dress as I’d tried it on – wearing them for that slightly longer period allowed me to feel the fabric and make a really good choice!

I was compeltely sold on this dress because it’s actually two pieces. And I could imagine so many other uses of the blue flowing “shrug” that drapes over this dress. Combining it with a crisp white full-sleeved collared shirt over blue jeans would be so awesome. And the fabric is light enough that you won’t feel the extra layer. The dress itself is silk and has a lining inside. The sleeves are sheer silk with crochet ends. Veena gave me the option of getting the sleeves removed if I so wanted but I left them as is for now. It’s a darling dress and one of my first v-neck possessions. It costs less than INR 20,000 and is a steal on so many levels.

The item on the left above is my new dress ready to be folded and put in a box for me. And the item on the right is an “Aroma Saree”. The weave is fragrant for up to 20-30 washes and all you have to do to rejuvenate the fragrance is slightly rub the fabric together. ( The stoles they gifted at the launch were also from a similar weave but the fragrance was different – I almost regret gifting it to my Mom! ) We could use more of these in the Indian summers because of all the body odour issues this country suffers from. No joke.

The Neel Sutra, Khan Market Store is right opposite the Aura Spa, near Punjab National Bank, in the middle lane. Do drop by to soak in the spacious blue walls and blue-stained wood floor. They also have a nail bar on their upper level and a dedicated bridal room is being setup for consultations.

Designer Deepika Govind is on Twitter @DeepikaGovind

This was fun! I hadn’t anticipated I’d enjoy “Trial Room Photos” as much as I did – maybe I’ll try this out with other stores as well.

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