My smartphone is the most handy camera I have with me all the time. Needless to say ( especially if you already follow me on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram ), I’ve turned into quite the #SelfieMonster Lately I have also been trying to photograph things other than myself though and sometimes the simplicity of daily life surprises me.

A tall glass of cold-coffee #FTW any time during the day. And when it’s been made by the brother-in-law, it’s extra special.

The #LiveInCotton project is doing GREAT! I haven’t been so excited about a photography assignment in a long time.

VSCO releases new presets for their smartphone app called VSCOCam and no sooner do I have the announcement in my email inbox, I have to rush to the store to check it out and download it. And of course experiment with the new presets right away. This time they’ve released

Other photographs I shot on the HTC One M8 and edited on apps like PhotoGrid, Over and VSCOCam

Pretty sunsets. No matter how many I’ve seen, there’s always scope for more. I love color. ( And the broom in back-pocket photo above? We were carrying thins up from the car and I didn’t want to do a second trip just for the broom, so it went into the back pocket and when Dad saw me he immediately though “Peacock” *giggle* Never miss a photo op yeah? )




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