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Them : *unscheduled phone call*

Me : thinking to self, “I have told this person more than twice earlier that I only do scheduled calls and that I prefer email. Still they’re calling.” I don’t take the call. Obviously.

Them : *sending me SMS* : “Hello Naina, I am X from Y PR agency. Want to invite your for Z brand event. Was calling to discuss that. Let me know if we can talk.”

Me : “Please email me for work.”

24 hours later

Them : *on email* : *generic email with invite to event*

Me : “Thanks but I’m not available on that date. Would’ve loved to join because so exciting! Love the product!”

Them : “Here is another date as option if you’re available.”

Me : “Yes I am! Will need chauffeur service.”

Them : “Great. Will get in touch to arrange chauffeur service & get your address.”

One week later, morning of the event

*SMS on mobile phone received from unknown number* : “Your cab details. Driver no. etc.”

I didn’t have to scratch my head – I knew exactly what the cab was for because I was bummed no one had gotten back to me for address details or for arranging the chauffeur service and I had proceeded to make other plans. I spent the next ten minutes frantically calling cabbie no. to inform that I’m not available so that the poor guy doesn’t waste his time driving all the way to who knows what address. Luckily the cabbie picks up the phone and has not left his office. I ask him to confirm where the cab is from and what the deal is and they confirm what I already knew. I tell him to kindly not bother with my pick-up and he asks me “What about the other passenger with you?” I have no idea about anything so I ask them to check with whoever booked the cab.

At the time the event is supposed to start, I get a call from the same person who had made the first call. Someone forgot again that I don’t take unscheduled calls. The End.


Quite an example of inefficiency and wastage of resources. Not to forget the absolute disrespect for my time and availability – and cabbie’s time. Also, what a joke.

“Let me know if we can talk.” Yes, we CAN talk but we may not. Unless we’ve scheduled a call at a time convenient for you and me. No, you will not just pick up the phone and call me whenever you please because my phone is for my convenience, not yours.

Didn’t ask me for pick-up address, didn’t follow-up on email, automatically sent cab to assumed address and I had co-passenger I wasn’t aware of. Fun times. From what I’ve heard on the grapevine, the client is as unprofessional, if not more than, the PR agency they’ve hired. A brand providing access to their product is not payment for work done by a blogger. The brand may invite a blogger to experience the brand’s product but the brand may not instruct the blogger to produce deliverables in exchange. Technically the brand CAN do that but then being an ass on written email when the blogger says “No thank you.” is waiting to be blogged under #WTFNaina

I’ve had a pleasant experience working with other people from the very same PR agency.


( Photo above by me from the #EyesForNewYork series from this story with AirBnb at Jamies’ apartment. )



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