Wine and chocolate pairing at The Wine Company, DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. ( That’s the most boring way I can describe this evening – it was an INSANELY fun evening – thanks Samiya! )

There were wines from Sula Vineyards and artisanal chocolates by Chockriti. There was a LOT of wine and music and conversations and we had great company. The chocolates were superb – and I did not get any acne – because pure, original chocolate doesn’t do that to your skin. ( I was so worried about acne that before I confirmed I’d do this, I checked and double-checked what quality of chocolates were being paired. )

Thank you for having us over Samiya! And thank you Raunak for the education in wine. Most interesting. Although I doubt I remember anything. Will need another educational session, hopefully without the wine. Who am I kidding, bring on the wine!