Would you be interested in being one of the very first bloggers to write about these exceptional pieces?

How about, “Would you be interested in being the very first such brand to be featured on the exceptional Naina.co?” No? Sounds arrogant doesn’t it? So does your question. There’s effort that goes into creating the product you’re trying to sell. There’s effort that goes into running this blog and the social media channel network around it.

To answer your question, No. I don’t want to be the first blogger to take on the “opportunity” to do work for free. Because that is what you’re asking. Your question also indicates the level of knowledge you have about my work and industry, i.e. ZERO. You have probably heard that “it brings in eyeballs” but that is your extent of information and you don’t seem inclined to learn more. Where is the compensation? “Opportunity” to write about you? Get out. It’s work. W. O. R. K. Maybe you will get an idea about it if you try to blog and maintain a social media profile that doesn’t have ten followers with zero updates. Sounds like too much work? Guess what? It is!

Just because you believe you’ve created an exceptional product doesn’t mean it is exceptional. It better be exceptional quality to begin with. Brand-perception about “exceptional” will hopefully further be added on by smart marketing. Influencer marketing can be one of the approaches in that marketing effort.

Sending emails asking professionals to work for free because you think your product is “pretty” is daft at best. Don’t do it.


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