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#53 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Eight, Things To Consider with Influencers

Things to consider when you – as a brand – start looking for Influencers. I get into details of the notecard that was introduced in the last podcast episode.

Influencer’s Presence + Influencers who are Specialists & Generalists + Influencer References ( Media Kit / Client List ) + Content Quality and Production + Content Licensing + Disclosure Handling + Preference for Direct or via Agency relationship with the Influencer.

Enjoy! And thank you for listening / watching. What do you think about this series? Is there something I’m completely missing? Am I talking about stuff that’s too basic? Am I making any sense? Would love to know!

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#52 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Seven, What is an Influencer? Where do I find Influencers?

Finally! 52 weeks of this podcast. A whole year! Unbelievable eh – at least to me! And the seventh edition in the Influencer Marketing for Brands series! ( I’m talking about – from a brand’s point-of-view – who or what is an “influencer” and I also talk about where you can find these influencers. )

I get a little pedantic about things like “What is an Instagram bio?” because a lot of people are starting on this “influencer marketing” thing only in 2017 – they are new to social networks and we can all use a bit of a nudge to get started.

Where will you find influencers? Ask around. Word of mouth is ideal to know who has done solid work. “Follower” counts can be and are super deceptive. Do you research, talk to other brands who have experience in working with influencers. Where did they get value from? Ask for recommendations.

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#51 The Naina Redhu Experience : Location Courtesy, Instagram

Taking a break from the Influencer Marketing for Brands series and answering a question received from a blogger. Also talking a bit about the effect of being verified on Instagram ( basically, a slight uptick in blog traffic because can include links in stories – although have noticed that some non-verified accounts can also share links in stories now. )
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#48 The Naina Redhu Experience : Influencer Marketing for Brands, Part Four

How do you decide what social media channels are most relevant for sharing the content that the influencer has created for you? How do you measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaign? ( There’s no silver bullet – you have to do a bit of trial and error and then figure out what works best! )

Part Four on the “Influencer Marketing for Brands” series address “relevant channels” and “measurement”. I would like to re-iterate here that I am speaking from own experience of working with hundreds of brands over the years and observing what has worked and what hasn’t. Considering how quickly things change in today’s scenario, as a business owner, you would be wise to consider a variety of opinions, experiment and then own the process for your brand. The things I talk about might help you but I am not an expert in this arena – there are, possibly, many other people who are way more qualified to give you advice about this subject. I’m probably the only one who has a podcast / video series. I’m also probably the only one who’s mad enough to put all this information out on the Internet for free. I am mad passionate about this because this is what I love doing. I thrive in this and absolutely enjoy watching a great influencer marketing plan fall into place. Regardless of whether I’m one of the influencers working with said brand!