Previously in the series : 01. Leh. From the air.

above : @akanksharedhu with her camera. Soon after landing at the Leh airport. We immediately took off for Batalik by road.

above : The customary stop in front of “Magnetic Hill”. With a truck driving toward us. Magnetic Hill in the background.

right : My reflection in the glass of the gypsy. Most of what has been photographed and presented in this blog post, has been shot while on the move. Two stops only for taking a break enroute.

above : Dad, third from left and the rest of the team.

above : Driving alongside the Indus river.

above : Crossing over a bridge and passing through a village. Repairs after the flash floods are still underway and many demolished homes can still be seen along the way.

above : Some fabulous colors. There were innumerable times when I remarked, “It doesn’t look like we’re in India anymore.”

left & above: As you can tell, the river, trees, the sky and the mountains made very interesting subjects. It was impossible to put the camera down.

left & above: Our second stop. For lunch. At a transit camp on the way. They had prior intimation of our arrival and knew we are a bunch of Jats so we had aloo parathas and they even made Choorma! OMG! I mentioned casually that this was the first time I was eating Choorma with cashewnuts and on our return trip, there were none – I hate cashews in my Choorma! @shadeheart had a very tough time because of the motion-sickness. The fauji Gypsies have a very high center of gravity and my boy was constantly nauseated and hence drugged and strapped to the seat.

Sigh. What beauty. So this was part two of the Leh series. As mentioned at the beginning, you can find part one here : Leh. From the air. The next part will be from the set of images made while we stayed at Batalik. I might have to do that in two parts. See here for 03. Batalik. Day One. 04. Batalik. Day Two. Part One. and 05. Batalik. Day Two. Part Two.


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  1. This is beyond awwwwwsum….i sighed in a coupl of pics…wanna go baaaak….n tanku for puttin such pwetttyyyiie pics of mine tooo..teehee muah 😀

  2. Amazing. The place is well known for its beauty and you have done such an awesome job!! I’m a fan!

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