So. Story behind the images. I normally shop for food at the Mother Dairy. And sometimes they have local produce that I have never seen earlier. Like this fruit. Hard shell – one has to literally “throw” it to crack it and then take out the pulp and squeeze out the juice. It looked grungy. And it was something I’d never seen earlier. So I bought it. Then, various things happened. My tricky brain subconsciously signaled my photographer alter-ego that something rotten needed to be shot. So I waited. And I waited. And then one day, I decided it must be rotten now and decided to make some images. The “fruit” has been in the refrigerator all this while. Here’s what I got.

Well, frankly, I completely forgot that I had bought this fruit and lay hidden at the back of the food tray in the refrigerator and it was @shadeheart who reminded me that we had had this thing for over two whole months. Oooops. All’s good that shoots well? *grin



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  1. Absolutely LOVE the 2nd last image, this is more than just photography Naina, this is ART.

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