It is foolish to assume that everyone knows about your brand – unless you’re an international conglomerate in the media space – like Nikon & Adobe. Spend some time telling me about your brand – not in a dirty cyclo-styled paper press-release but in person / a personal note on email.

If it is the first time that a brand is getting in touch with me, I might take a chance and visit. But usually, there are no second times. THAT is how badly most events are managed.

From a branding perspective, it is a disaster to assume that all you need to “represent” your brand with is the logo applied to a standee at the entrance of the venue and maybe a few indoors. Every experience that an attendee has at your event is going to affect how they perceive your brand. While not everything can be controlled, it at least needs to be thought out in advance!

[ I am planning to write more about brands and social media and the online space. If you manage a brand or handle their PR and and have a question, leave a comment or email me on ]


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