This one should be called “All in a day’s work” – it’s not what my typical day looks like but these things do happen. I wake up late, head to a meeting, I’m at least 15 minutes early and then I find out that the meeting has been postponed by a half hour. With 45 minutes to kill, a new bar in town and near lunch time, what else would you expect?! So I went along to Harry’s. The original is in Singapore but they’ve opened up one at Select City Walk in Saket recently. It’s small, cute but they didn’t have Corona. Boo. Stock ran out apparently.

Thankfully I didn’t have to finish my pint of beer alone, the girls joined me soon enough. I love such meetings and collaborations. Of course, it was meeting time now.

Jewellery client. New branding, new packaging, new website and of course, new photography! We looked at some of the best internationally and discussed the way forward.

The photographs I’m going to shoot are going to be for a book to launch their latest collection.

Plenty of note-taking. I was taking notes on my phone – in Google’s Keep app.

Imagine, note-taking while staring at these lovely pieces just a glass sheet away. Oh hai. Emeralds!

I showed them some of the work I’d done for a previous jewellery client : Livyora. In Livyora’s case of course I’d done the branding, the website and the photography.

It’s winters in Delhi and a hot coffee is always welcome. Of course, I forgot that I’d have preferred green tea but they were nice enough to replace it for me. I’m drinking a lot of green tea these days – because cholesterol.

I love jewellery sketches.

Then it was back to Akanksha’s home to hang with the folks who had made a pit stop on their return journey to Gurgaon from a wedding.

That’s a Chocolate face mask. On Akanksha. Tee hee.

Lilies in the light of dusk.

And red Thai curry with rice for dinner. Yummy! Akanksha is a good cook too.

Mom wasn’t in the mood for dinner because she’d pigged out at the wedding lunch. So she sat down in front of the television till we pigged out on the Thai red curry.

On a whim, I decided to stay back at Akanksha’s place – I had a bit of a cold and didn’t feel like driving. We sat and rifled through some magazines and apart from talking about the latest in the world of blogging, we zeroed in on body image. Look at the photograph below – why do they have to make her fingers look like boneless balloon sausages anyway? She’s gorgeous as it is! I don’t even know where all these ideas of “flawless” come from. It’s infuriating and you can’t even blame the models / celebrities because they don’t really control the publications. Sad state of affairs.

There was a lot of chocolate to assuage the sad state of affairs and we polished off two bars.

We also spent a lot of time just sitting out butts down watching Once Upon A Time. First half of season two in Neverland is such a pathetic series – OMG. What were they thinking really? It was like they’re all going around in circles – which they quite literally are – but it picked up towards the end thankfully. Yes we watched about 11 episodes over two days. Now you know how I spent my time during that nasty cold I was suffering.

All in a day’s work!

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